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Dear Members,

COVID-19 (Corona virus) Pandemic - Bulletin No. 8

The Premier today supported the playing golf with 2 or less players per group.  The Board has considered the Premier's advice and a conflicting recommendation from Golf Australia, the Board has decided to remain open and allow members the opportunity to participate in Exercise Golf.

Exercise Golf today (Monday) was observed to be very effective, with players compliant with the health restrictions.  Members are reminded they need to adhere to the following arrangements:

1.       Social Distancing and avoidance of gatherings

.      To enable Exercise Golf to be controlled, it is important that you book a time prior to turning up to play, either via the website or by calling the pro-shop.  Even if the booking sheet has lots of gaps it is essential you make the booking.

.        Don't arrive at the Club any more than 10 minutes prior to your tee time.

.        Report to the Pro-Shop upon arrival.

.       Ensure that entering the Pro-Shop (maximum of 1 person at a time), Toilets, Change rooms or Foyer that you maintain at least 1.5M separation from others.

.       Leave the Club immediately after your round. After you have completed your round pack up and leave the club.  Failure to comply will almost certainly result in the closure of the Club.

2.      Changes from existing arrangements

.        Spike Bar closed.  Snack Food and Drinks available from Pro-Shop

.        No Alcoholic drinks- The current State emergency arrangements prohibit sale of alcohol.  Similarly, our licence arrangements do not allow alcoholic beverages to be brought onto the TGC property. Failure to comply may result in the closure of the Club or suspension of our liquor licence.

.       Closure of practice facilities (Range and Putting Green)

.        Carts only available where need can be demonstrated. (Exercise Golf)

.        Members Only at this stage, a strict protocol will be developed to cover visitors.

.        Exercise Golf open for bookings every day for men and women (taking into account any membership day restrictions)

3.     Key Public Health Messages

.       Personal Hygiene - wash hands with soap and/or sanitize frequently

.       Social Distancing - ensure you are no closer than 1.5M to other people.

       Avoid any unnecessary touching of surfaces.

.      Avoid gatherings

.      If you are sick DO NOT come to the Club.

 Our overriding priority is to allow member's the opportunity to continue to play Exercise Golf to promote their health and wellbeing for as long as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On behalf of Board and Management

John Milbourne